Glype – proxy browsing script

Glype - proxy browsing script


* plug and play – no installation needed; simply upload and go!
* admin control panel for easy management and configuration
* server-side caching to improve speed for the end user, reduce load on your server and lighten the bandwidth bills
* javascript support allows more sites to be browsed without loss of functionality
* simple theme system to quickly customize your site
* control access with the use of a whitelist or blacklist of permitted/banned sites
* block users by IP with individual addresses or across over an IP range; protect your site from malicious or abusive users
* unique URLs provide greater privacy – once your session expires, any URLs stored in your history are invalidated
* plugins allow you to quickly integrate site-specific code; useful for sites unsupported by the base proxy script
* virtual browser lets you choose your own user-agent and referrer, and even tunnel the connection through another proxy server

And much, much more! Take a look at the admin tool for a better view of the features on offer or download the script and see for yourself.


Direct Download


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