adbrite clone 2009 350$ for nulled

adbrite clone 2009 350$ for nulled by



What is Ad Network Script? In this era of online shopping and internet boom when more and more people are going online, the internet has become a major marketing and advertisement medium. The ad network script facilitate the advetisements between advertisers and publishers. Using the ad network script you become the bridge between the publisher and the advertiser for the delivery of ads online. Publishers list their websites on your ad network and then advertisers purchases ads on those websites using your system. You earn commission on the each sale. The ad network script is a comprehensive solution to let you start your own professional ad network website. The script comes with bells and whistles to make you start and run your ad network website and to monitor the daily sales and delivery of ads on regular basis. Ad Network Script is a marketplace where advertisers and publishers come together. Advertiser purchases ad spaces offered by publishers. You (the script owner) keep your commission from each sale made by the publisher. We are the pioneer in developing the ad network (aka adbrite clone) and have evolved it in the past years to the most successful and robust solution available over internet. We have been developing web based solution since 2001. Using this vast experience and buyers suggestions we have updated and improved our script to make it easier for you to run your own ad network. In ad network websites, YOU (administrator) make money on every ad purchased by the advertiser on the publisher’s website. Once advertiser purchases an ad on publisher website, he (advertiser) pays you (ADMINISTRATOR) for that ad. Upon successful payment, his ad starts showing on the publisher website and then after cutting your commission, you pay publisher the remaining amount. You can keep different commission rates for different publishers or set one rate for all publishers. It is totally upto you. The version 4 is here! The new version of ad network script (version 4) is available now. This new version is a giant leap forward. There are many new features in this version. Some main features are: Admin Panel: NEW, BETTER and FASTER admin panel. It is easier and quicker to manage with new admin panel using AJAX. Page refreshes are minimized to give client a desktop application like experience. Multiple database rows’ management using single click. User friendly icons for better understanding of the actions available to the admin. Better error checking and reporting to the admin. NEW admin dashboard to give him quick overview of his website statistics and its progress. Front end: AJAX based member login for quick login. BETTER advertisment reports with filter options by status. BETTER and detailed advertisment statistics reports with filter options by date. Converstion tracking and reporting. Invoice generation and printing. New ad types supported. Inline ads, inline video ads. Five Views of Ad Network Script Script has five panels. 1. Front end This is the area where visitors browse/search for the websites available for running ads. 2. Member Area for advertiser This is the area where advertisers can login and see their campaigns, see their ads running and run reports on their ads. Some of the features of advertiser area are to manage profile, manage ads purchased, see reports and statistics of the ads purchased, buy new ads, see purchase history, see account balance, get converstion tracking code for tracking conversions. 3. Member Area for publisher This is the area where publisher can login and manage their websites, its adzones. Publisher can also select how much they will charge for running the advertisment on their website and can also get HTML code to insert into their website. Further to that they can see the stats of the ads running on their websites, their account balance, their payment history. 4. Affiliate Area This is the area where affiliates can get banners to promote your ad network. Here they can also see their commission earned, update their profile, update how they would like to be paid their commission. 5. Administrator area (that is YOU) This is the most important area. This is the area where you manage publishers, advertisers, ads running on the network, approve new publishers/advertisers, approve new websites, manage advertisement categories, manage publisher payments and do alot more day to day task of running a successful ad network. Salient Features of Ad Network Script v4 General Features: Multi language support Multi currency support Search engine friendly pages. Custom Meta tags and page titles. Automatic website thumbnail generation using GD or imagemagick. Clickthrough tracking and reporting. Affiliate traffic tracking and reporting. PHP template system for easy design modification. CSS based design for further easy design customization. AJAX interface for user friendly experience. Mailing list (with multiple groups) Send Email to all members Installation wizard, simple step by step Advertisment Features: Browse publishers by category by ads length by ads type (text ads, photo ads, both) by content type Supports Per day/week/month ads, Per click ads, Per impression ads, Per converstion ads. Supports Text Ads Photo-Text Ads FLASH ads Banners (of various sizes) Video ads (you may turn it on and off) Popup ads Popunder ads Full Page ads PEEL Away ads (both right and left corner) Inline ads (both with image and without image) Inline ads on VIDEO AdPIC – ads are delivered on photos. Great for photo galleries. (available as addon) Supports Geo IP targetting (available as addon) Supports Network Ads / Run on network ads Generally advertiser purchases an ad directly on the publisher site. BUT in some cases advertiser wants to run his ad on the entire publisher network in the AD PALACE. For that he selects RON ads (Run on network). These ads are paid per click or per impression. Advertiser can also choose selection criteria based on which ads will display on publisher ad zones. Like category, language, country, CPC rate advertiser is willing to pay. Advertiser can also select his dialy budget and his total budget. Based on this his ads will be online. Support publishers ability to add google adsense code or other banner ad code to their ad space. Google ads or other banners will appear on publisher’s ad space until it is purchased. Great of making money while waiting for ads. Sometimes publishers ad space is not sold. AT that time, publisher space is generating no revenue and is a loss for him. So now he can configure in the member area and enter any third party ad or HTML tag (like google adsense tag). Our system will automatically display this ad or HTML tag when no ad is runnning on publisher website. This way publisher wont loose any revenue when no ad is running and he wont have to maually replace tags in his website. Supports RON ads, now advertisers can purchase RON ads just like in adbrite, adengage. Clickthrough tracking and reporting Converstion tracking and reporting Payment Gateways Supported: 2Checkout E-gold LinkPoint MoneyBookers Paypal Protx Western union Liberty Reserve Webmoney Authorize.NET ePassporte Orbital Pay PayCard Publisher Features: Manage multiple websites Manage multiple ads types of different length for different websites Manage the layout, color, size and other aspects of each ad on your site Manage Payment history Manage Network Ads Making website featured on ad network website for extra exposure View reports on the ads running on the website, clicks and impressions made on the website and more. Advertiser Features: Create ads Purchase ads View each ads stats View payment history Manage conversation tracking Manage account balance Admin Features: Manage categories Manage languages Manage registered publishers and their websites Manage advertisers and their ads Manage affiliates Manage payment gateways Manage featured websites Manage payouts to publishers Manage unpaid ads View statistics Manage mailing list Send out emails Site is customizable. It uses headers and footers for layout and CSS stylesheet. A customized design to your liking can also be done and integra
ted with this product at extra cost. IMPORTANT NOTICE Please BE AWARE of websites selling illegal copy of of AD NETWORK SCRIPT. We reserve rights to take legal action against anyone using illegal copy of ad network script. Always buy original copy of ad network script from KAONSOFTWARES.COM website. We do not sell at forums, blogs or listing websites or any other place. We only sell at our website that is Web Developers, Web Designers and Custom Software Developers for Offshore Development Any questions or comments? If you still have some questions regarding this question, Please visit our FAQs page to look for your answers. If your question is not answered there or you have some more questions, please contact us for that. We would love to answer your questions or queries.

Download: Adbrite

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