Web.Developer Server Suite™ v3.0 DevSide.net Free Download

Apache PHP and MySQL Solutions For Windows.The Web.Developer Server Suite™ is a Windows-based Platform for the development, testing and deployment of websites and web applications.

» Now integrated with ASP.NET and Java!

“Maximize your productivity with the industry leading web deployment Platform for PHP and MySQL. Reduce the time and effort involved in manually integrating, configuring, and setting up Server components and websites.”

• Now standard with Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, phpBB and MediaWiki configured, integrated, and ready to go.

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Suite Features

Suite Features


  • Apache 2.2 HTTP Server
  • MySQL 5 Database
  • PHP 5 and Perl 5.8 Scripting Languages
  • phpMyAdmin MySQL GUI


  • Follows Best Practices
  • Virtual Hosting Enabled
  • SSL Enabled
  • Platform Independant
  • Modularized and Secured


  • CIS “Level-1” Security
  • mod_security Web Application Firewall
  • OpenSSL Cryptography Toolkit
Suite Integration

Suite Integration


  • Adobe DreamWeaver
  • Zend Studio
  • Eclipse PHP Debugger Tools [PDT]
  • Aptana IDE, NuSphere PhpED, ActiveState Komodo, more

Web Applications

  • Blog: WordPress, Movable Type
  • CMS: Drupal, Joomla, ‘CMS Made Simple’
  • Wiki: MediaWiki, DokuWiki
  • Forums: phpBB, SMF, vBulletin
  • E-commerce Solutions and Shopping Carts

PHP Frameworks

  • CakePHP
  • CodeIgnitor
  • Symfony
  • PRADO, Zend Framework, more
Our Clients and Suite Roles

Our Clients and Suite Roles

Our Clients

  • Professionals
  • Web Design and Development Teams
  • Web Hosting Firms and Providers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses
  • Public and Private Organizations
  • Public and Private Educational Institutions

Suite Roles

  • An Apache | MySQL | PHP | Perl | ASP.NET | JSP Hosting Solution
  • Rapid development, testing, and deployment of PHP and MySQL websites and applications
  • Simplified path for developing and testing on Windows, while deploying and hosting on Linux
  • Replacement for IIS and SQL Server
  • Migration path and technology diversification for Linux, Unix, Sun shops
  • Integration of custom PHP and MySQL applications with Suite, for redistribution, to simplify your clients setup needs
  • Rapid development of proof-of-concept ideas
  • Dry-run environment before production deployment
  • Educational package for employees, clients, students

Price : 125$

Download Mirrors :
ScriptPlug.com – FAST Mirror

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